Right before you publish, you should consider the following when adding images to your website:


Resolution of an image is an important factor when thinking about adding an image to your website. The resolution of an image is the number of pixels it occupies. If the image is in the 800 x 600 x 12k resolution, there will be 1280 x 720 x 48k total pixels. This implies that an image should be bigger than the original photo in order to fit into the smaller space. An optimal image resolution is about 1600 x 1200 x 72k.

Pixel Ratio

Most images are made up of two parts: the top part and the bottom part. This implies that the bottom part will be the smaller of the two. The question now is that how do you balance the two parts? That’s where pixel ratio comes in. The bottom part should have a pixel ratio closer to 1:1 than 1:4, which is closer to 1:2.33. Adding a right pixel ratio of about 1:1.33 is optimal, while 1:2 is sub optimal.

File size

File size also determines the file size of the optimized version. If the image is small, then it can fit into the space available. If the image is too big, then the space will be wasted. The reason for this is that it takes more time to load this image than the small one. The reason for this is that the server cannot accommodate both files in the same space. The larger the file size, the longer it takes to load the big file.

This also means that images that are large should be reduced. If the image has few colors and complicated layout, then it is best to optimize it using “lossy compression”, which reduces the quality of the image. In this case, it can be displayed on most machines with minimal size and bandwidth consumption.

Download speed

We have talked about size, but what about download speed? This factor is very important and determines the overall performance of your website. As per the experts, if your page takes longer to download, then it is likely that you are not matching the quality of your page. This factor is very important because it determines how fast you can generate sales leads and how quickly you can convert them into clients. If your page loads very slowly, then your visitors are most likely going to leave your website and go to your competitor’s. You should do whatever you can to optimize your page to load within a few seconds.

Security and safety

If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, then you need to make sure that you have a website that is secure and safe from hackers. The content should be secure and should be edited only by the right people. The design and layout should be simple, and the language should be that understood by the most people. If you have done all these, then you will have a better website, and can have a better website that can be search engine optimized to generate sales leads.

And now, let us look at some practical tips, so you can have a more successful website:

Content is most important

The content of your website is the most important. You should devote your entire attention to the text. The text should be clear, to the point, and should be easily understandable. You should also pay attention to the grammar and spelling. The images should also be of good quality. If you have good content and clear text, then you have a better website.

Marketing and sales

Your website should be designed to sell. It should have the most impact on the visitors. The design should be simple, clean, and attractive. The layout should be logical and there should be a good white space between each item. Also, the images should be of good quality and they should complement the text. The text should also be easy to read and should take the visitors into the site. The visitors should be able to understand the text. If the text is too small or too huge, then you are not doing your job.


The site should have proper navigation buttons and links. The website visitors should be able to click on the buttons easily. The links should also be relevant to the product or the services and should have a good relevance to the overall theme of the site.

You should have a clear idea of what you want from your website and what is a must and what is a nice to have. And then, you can check if you have taken care of the issues of the website so that it generates sales leads, and it becomes a good moneymaking site.