Lights, Camera, Edit! Simple Video Editing Techniques for Newbies

If you're reading this, chances are you have already downloaded a video editing app or software to neaten up your content or play around with effects.

All you need is a background image or video, and a design element that you're able to mask and animate.

Ideally, your editor has a beat detector or effects that utilize beat detection, but you can also manually animate the elements.

They used the Audio Spectrum effect in After Effects to get the animation, and included other visuals such as a brush effect, a fade-in frame, and callouts.

You can easily whip up a lyric video and make it aesthetic with animation and cool fonts.

You can get creative with fonts, background visuals, colors, animation effects, and the manner in which you break up the text.

An animated loading bar visual can be used in a variety of content types, including meme videos, aesthetic TikTok edits, and even presentations.

Search for "glass shatter green screen", and then all you need to do is import your footage and mask out the colors in the clip.