Writing great blog posts is a must these days.

Think original, trust-worthy content that genuinely helps your reader. If you become the go-to resource in your niche, links and ranks will come naturally.

People will only come to your blog if you're saying something worth reading. But what is interesting content?

And how do you make sure you're coming up with fresh ideas on a regular basis? Here's where you can turn for some juicy content ideas.

You'll end up with sub-sub-sub-niche topics that are a lot more specific than 'SEO'. You can use the niche sub-keyword you end up with as a starting point for your new article.

What content are they sharing? Just because a topic has been written about before, doesn't mean you can't write about it. Just make sure you bring your own style, flare and tips to the table.

Buzzsumo ranks your competitors' posts by social media likes and shares. You could even use the tool to find and sort your competitor's post for you.

They rank each competitor post by social media popularity- so you can see what kind of content is smashing it.

A regular posting schedule and quality content are important. Readers return for consistency, and an author/brand that they can rely on- almost anticipate. The best way to maintain a post schedule is by having a content calendar.