The Power of Alt Text Images: Why Your Website Needs Them

Alt text images, also called "alternative text" or "alt-tags," explain an image using screen-reading software. This helps people who have trouble seeing or understanding visuals to comprehend webpages.

Well-crafted alt text images are important for web pages. They add clarity and brevity, engage users, and help readers remember the content. Let's take a closer look at why your website needs alt text images and how to use them effectively.

Improve SEO by adding descriptive alt tags to your images, making them easier to find in search engines.

Increase website accessibility for those with disabilities who use screen readers and other assistive devices to navigate the web.

Improve user experience by offering alternative visual information or context when images are not accessible or displayed correctly for any reason.

Compress images without compromising quality while still conveying the message of the image through descriptive alt text.

Increase click-through rates on social media platforms as alternative text is visible with no need to open images.