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Armand definitely was an asset to the team.

Rani Cherian

Hope Foundation Board Member

Has helped us tremendously grow our business.

George Bemister

Braziliam Top Team Co-owner, Jacksonville

Our Business

Fancy websites, overpriced advertising, poor results! Small businesses have shared with us what really matters. Their response was that it is not the great big fancy website, not the hyped advertising packages, and definitely not the poor results. After spending a ridiculous amount of time and money for their website and its advertising, the last thing they want is poor results.

What matters the most to small to medium businesses is the customer, the sales, the leads, and generally whatever it is that helps them increase their revenue. The bottom line is they want results that they can see and experience. They want their return on investment right away, not one year from now. It’s no surprise when the one year is over, and they didn’t get the results they were expecting, they feel ripped off.

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