Article Distribution

While necessary, article and content creation can be one of the more time consuming processes.

Allow us to create and distribute the article to increase the exposure to your site.

Article Distribution Packages

Keyword Analysis

Professional High Quality Article Creation

Distribution and Publishing of Created Article

Weekly Reporting

Article Distribution

Contest Management

Social Media Setup

Social Bookmarking

Onsite SEO

Full Advertising Package

We can custom create an advertising package that fits your product and budget!


PPC or pay per click is advertising is one of the quickest and if done correctly a very effective way to boost internet traffic, lead generation, and sales.


PPV stands for Pay Per View. Pay Per View networks normally provide software that has benefits for its users. Rather than paying for the software up front, the user agrees to view an ad in exchange for their use of the software. This is a great alternative to other PPC services/networks.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO is the process for increasing your ranks in the search engines – the most popular of which is Google. We can research the search terms that are associated with your business in addition to helping your page get to the first page of the search engines.

Social Media

Social Media is the equivalent to ‘Word of Mouth’ advertising for the digital age. When a viewer finds something of interest, they share it. This is most commonly done through Social Media Networks such as Facebook, and Twitter. This can also include SMS texting and phone lead generation.

Social Media Packages

Number of Keywords

Weekly Reporting

Onsite SEO

Keyword Analysis

Article Distribution

Contest Management

Social Media Setup

Web Design Services

Our web development relationship with our clients is a very methodical process. There are 8 steps we take to make sure you are happy with your purchase.


We take the time to learn about your company, products you offer, and your main objective.  We analyze your competitors to help develop a strategy.  We then formulate questions  in order to help us learn the finer details.


We Provide several designs for your approval. Provide us your logo, or a color palette you would like to use, and we start designing.


We Create the site based on the provided design.  While we don’t want to burden you with the technical details, we perform the required HTML/CSS/Javascript coding to get your site up and running.


This is the time we take to apply any required programming. If there are any extra steps that we agreed to, this is where the extra programming time would come in.


We perform Quality Assurance.  We make sure that all features of your new site are working as expected.


We apply basic Search Engine Optimization.  We give you a jump start, and make sure that your site is ready for the search engines.



This is when we launch your project.  The site has now stepped from analysis to reality.  When we launch your project, we submit your site to the search engines.  The seed has now been planted, and it is now your responsibility to help it grow  into the site that you envision


After we turn over the site to you, we’re not done.  We provide maintenance and general training on the site for the first 30 days after launch.  We make sure everything is working as expected and make corrections if they aren’t.  We provide a management system for you to use, along with daily backups and visitor statistics.

What we do offer

A very low priced custom website solution along with several different advertising packages that you can try out.

The custom websites we offer are nice, very nice. Just don’t expect that they will win the next magazine design award. We don’t focus on that, we focus on getting you results. If you want the two-seater, you will have to look elsewhere.


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