Fancy websites, overpriced advertising, poor results!

Small businesses have shared with us what really matters.  Their response was that it is not the great big fancy website, not the hyped advertising packages, and definitely not the poor results.  After spending a ridiculous amount of time and money for their website and its advertising, the last thing they want is poor results.  What matters the most to small to medium businesses is the customer, the sales, the leads, and generally whatever it is that helps them increase their revenue.  The bottom line is they want results that they can see and experience.  They want their return on investment right away, not one year from now.  It’s no surprise when the one year is over, and they didn’t get the results they were expecting, they feel ripped off.  I mean, who wants to pay a ridiculous amount of money  for a one year promise that may or may not live up to expectations?  It’s a risk, and the smart bet is to reduce risk and play the odds that are in your favor.

The truth is advertising takes testing and time, but results can’t be guaranteed.  Everyone agrees that marketing influences buyers, but no one can tell you exactly how or how much someone is influenced by your advertisement.  This is because people in general will react differently.  Sure, we can collect demographics and make predictions and flash laser targeted ads in front of thousands of people, but that doesn’t ensure that the product will sell.  If this were the case, then the large advertising companies would never have an advertising campaign that failed. Billions of dollars are spent on these scientific techniques, and naturally much of it is probably a waste of time and money.  If someone tells you otherwise, you should turn around and run, not walk, run!

This is where we fill in the blank.

First I will tell you what we don’t offer:

  • Highly customized websites
  • Expensive contracts
  • Promises that your website will rank in Google for some search term that only you would ever perform.
  • Promises that we can’t back up or support.
  • Custom flash graphics
  • Hidden charges
  • Fancy terms that you would need a PHD in computer-ology to understand (Yes, I made that up, but we can provide a very technical explanation if this is what you prefer.)

If you’re still here, this is what we do offer:

  • A very low priced custom website solution along with several different advertising packages that you can try out.
  • The custom websites we offer are nice, very nice. Just don’t expect that they will win the next magazine design award. We don’t focus on that, we focus on getting you results. If you want the two-seater, you will have to look elsewhere.

While we are capable of providing those services, the reason we don’t offer them is because they generally won’t add to your bottom line, which is MORE LEADS!  A website is just an advertising vehicle.  What matters most is that your prospective clients are able to access that vehicle.  Imagine this, if you had 1 million plus clients that were ready to buy from you but the catch was that you had to pick them up and take them to your store.  Would you rather pick them up and take them to your store in a community bus, or that fancy 2-seater sports car?  You’ll be able to get there in style, and you’ll pay for it, but you didn’t exactly increase your bottom line for the time and resources that you spent.

Don’t let our asking price fool you.  Compare our services with competitors, and you’ll find we are very competitive.  We provide consultation, updates, and phone/email support for every product that we offer.  After you have done your comparison, just remember what we offer and don’t offer.   Ask yourself, do you want the fancy website with a hyped advertising campaign or do you want the package that is affordable enough to try several times to get your advertising campaign right and produce results?

Take note that because of our low prices, we stay busy, and when we’re busy you will have to wait.  It’s nothing personal.