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Are you still using outdated text testimonials on your website? Did you know 85% of text testimonials on websites are fabricated?

Vidmony offers an affordable, easy-to-use solution that provides you with customer testimonials and videos that are both genuine and engaging. Our platform makes it easy to collect customer testimonials videos without worrying about the quality or content.

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Get Autopilot Video Reviews

Collect video testimonials on full autopilot in the cloud & mobile. Nothing to setup or install.

Bonus Creation & Delivery

Incentivize and reward anyone who leaves a video review.

Easy to use and hundreds of short, sweet customer testimonials make Vidmony the solution you need!

Our videos allow you to show off your happy customers in an engaging way that builds trust with your website visitors.

And the best part is, our videos are great to make and only take a few minutes to create!

You don’t have to wait for your customers to take time out of their day to send you a video testimonial. The ability to collect customer testimonials videos right on your website.

You can get testimonials from your current and past customers in minutes.

customer testimonials videos

Getting Customer Testimonials Video is Time Consuming Work

Reach out to customers individually and ask for a video review.

Spend days, weeks or maybe months waiting for a reply.

Start asking again and sounding desperate.

Eventually get a response from a customer saying they’re ready but don’t know how to record the video or how to send it.

Teach them how to record a video, get video hosting to send the file, then send you the video file correctly.

Finally get the video and if it was recorded right, have your tech person reupload it and embed it on your site.

Repeat each day to make the reviews seem new and relevant.

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