Small businesss advantages in social media include an easy incorporation of your content and quick creation of updates. With a business less than 50 employees, you can host your social media platforms on a blog or website (in theory) so the legal department will not get involved. Its a great place for you to just do it.

And with some training you can have your employees engaging with followers and engaging with followers friends.

Most business owners I know do all of the above, but Im talking about how to start a blog at a website and what kind of content you should put on your blog in this article. Youll see that its not as hard as you think it is.

You are probably thinking to yourself, “Hey, but I know a few businesses that make $100,000 per month just from their blogs.” You would be right. However, they didnt do it over night. It took them time and work. They had great content before they became huge. You just have to work smart.

One of the best things about having a small business is that you have so much time to work on your business. You can work on it everyday if you want. I wouldnt recommend that, as it takes a long time to make any meaningful money. But, you can work on your business on your days and evenings and weekends. Youll be surprised with the results you get in a short time.

To start with, its a good idea to think of your blog as a sandbox to make stuff up in. Think of it like a “What If” book. You can make a story out of anything you put in the sandbox. The sandbox is your blog, and the content is your blog posts. You cant make a blog make money overnight. But, you can make the most of your blog, and get as creative as you want. Youll be surprised at how creative you can get with simple things like photos, videos, audios, and articles. All you need is imagination and a bit of elbow grease. This can be done so long as you keep them in mind.

Another thing you should do is join a SEO blog carnival. There are plenty of them online. You can join one that matches your niche and theme. It doesn’t have to be a high traffic blog. Just a blog that gets a reasonable amount of traffic. You can learn a lot from a carnival that’s highly visited. They will teach you how to get more traffic, how to get more subscribers, how to get more search engine traffic, how to make your blog rank higher in the search engines. Then, you can put those tips to work on your blog.

Another thing you can do is write articles. Article marketing is a great way to make money online. You can sell your articles as ebooks or get them published in print. This is an easy way to get started. If you want to sell your articles, start small. A couple articles a month is not what you should be focusing on. More than this will confuse your visitors and cause them to go to your competitors. Focus on just a few articles a month, and then when you have some experience under your belt, you can start spreading these articles around to sites like article directories and WordPress blogs. WordPress blogs are the best. Why? They are easy to use, you can have as many of them as you want. And, WordPress gives you the ability to change the way your blog looks. You can have a simple blog, a magazine style blog, or a more traditional blog. If you do it the right way, you can change the way your blog shows up in searches. You can change the way your blog shows up in your email alerts. And, you can make it look different in your Yahoo! results.