Your site’s SEO is in your hands, not the websites. If the expert SEO you’re hiring isn’t up to speed on the search engines’ ever-changing terms, you could be on the wrong track. Yes, people that specialize in optimizing websites and their links exist. However, this doesn’t make sense for a few reasons:

1. It takes time to know exactly how to optimize for certain sites.
2. When you’ve found the best links, make sure they’re placed in a way that is relevant for your overall website and theme. That is, you should not permit links from such sites to dilute your strength in a specific theme. (For example, remove your links from gaming sites and replace them with links from music sites.)
3. It is impossible to predict where a site’s links will show in a search engine. As a result, you’re stuck waiting for results that may never come (and the wait never ends).

You may not be ready to hire a professional just yet, but it’s important to be ready to hand over control of your SEO efforts to them. Sure, you want the results now, but they might be able to help you in getting there sooner or later.
It’s important to understand that hiring a specialist will not help you improve your rankings. You must continue to strengthen your site by getting links from better sites. SEO will eventually take care of itself.
By the way, you may think that the following are the most common mistakes made by most new site owners while trying to optimize their site. You are free to stop reading at any time. However, I suggest that you continue reading since I have more great articles in store for you. It’s important to remember that some of these mistakes may be avoided. For example, use the same title tag on your homepage and every page of your website. However, you might avoid using header tags in your websites or even if you make these mistakes, you can still achieve a high ranking.
Meta keywords tags are important, as you may have learned. Now I’d like to focus on the title tag. Your Meta description, keywords, and description are all included in the meta tags. Your rankings may decrease if you use the wrong keywords in your title tag. As a result, knowing how to use Meta keywords is essential.
You may have read that the title tag on your website should not exceed 10 words. It should include your keywords, which should be properly placed throughout the page and not too close together. Also, each page’s keywords should be unique. You might be surprised, but I’m still not sure why 10 words is a good keyword spacing rule. Because we all use different symbols, numbers, and dashes in our sentences. For your descriptions, you can use the same rules. Also, don’t use the same description for each page. Have different keywords and descriptions for the home, new, terms, and specials pages. Also, avoid close spacing for keywords.
The important thing is, you do not put the same keywords in the same position on every page. For example, your home page may have – – home – — terms – — specials – — top page. And, your terms page may have — terms – — specials — top page – — top page –
For example, if your home page title, description, and keywords are all the same. And, if you use different keywords for each page, the search engine robots will follow your lead, find your keywords in the same position on all pages, and give your page a high ranking. This problem can also be avoided.
If you’re getting good results, your keyword density, or the number of keywords you use in your content, is less than 5%. Some people are surprised when I give them this information. Imagine the following scenario: you have a 300-word site with only four keywords in the text. That means your 300 words contain 8 keywords. This suggests that your Keyword Density is still at 5%.

I don’t think you’ll get a poor result if you only use four keywords in your article. The search engine robots will follow your keywords and will rank you better if you have a high keyword density.


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