It has been interesting to watch how their moves have progressed and how easily they have done so. Periscope, a live video platform, was purchased by Facebook for $22 million dollars, followed by Twitter. (The latter was sold to the highest bidder by the former).

So what does this mean in terms of marketing? How can a marketer use these tools to generate business?

The first and most obvious idea is that having a strong video presence on Facebook means that your video is already being watched and discussed.Facebook’s rising audiences build a greater sense of taste and sentiment for video as the site’s user base grows. That could mean potential customers who are interested in what you have to say. A strong Facebook presence is linked to a strong online presence, which will translate to the sales floor.

The ease of use of Facebook and Twitter, on the other hand, allows for more sophisticated targeting of your marketing messages. These platforms have built-in tools that enable you to show your audience’s geographic location, religion, and political views. It is now easier to target those with video interests than it is to target those with other interests.

The third idea is that since Facebook and Twitter produce so many videos and tweets, advertisers can send out tweets that result in sales. Ads can now be more intensive, longer, and informative than ever before due to the sheer volume of video that can be produced. It will become easier to determine who is watching and communicating with what as Twitter and Facebook rise. It will be easier to decide who is interested in which video as the amount of videos watched online grows. This opens up the possibility of further sales.

These ideas aren’t new. Others have proposed concepts that are similar to mine. What’s new is that a few billion dollars have changed the way we produce revenue from video. That’s a lot of money, and none of us will ever know how much it is.

We now have the ability to both watch and make videos. We may learn more about what we’re interested in and visually convey that interest. There is a huge opportunity to learn about something and share our interest in a visual format.

The best aspect, in my opinion, is that we can use these resources to think about our own interests and visually articulate those interests. In other words, we are now able to say, “I am interested in this.” We can begin to build and express our interest in visual form with a single click.

This is groundbreaking in terms of how we communicate interest, and it means that more of us will be able to learn about something we are passionate about.That is to say, we will be drawn to what we are interested in. Interest is what motivates us to buy. Sales will be produced as a result of this. We will be drawn to something that we are interested in, and this will help us in selling.

It helps to know what to market for before you start using this tool. How often have you gone online to look for something only to discover that the product you’re looking for is already available in a different form factor? “How often have you been attracted to something just to see someone else looking at it and wanting to know what you were doing, so you started looking for them and they wanted to know what you were doing?” Creating video channels has this kind of influence. There are people who want to watch and share what you’re doing. We’ll be able to do the same thing. The power of video can be seen in this example. You’re good to go once you’ve grasped the idea and comprehended the force of creating video.

Finding a product that attracts you, or that you believe is important, is a good place to start. Build a video about it, whatever it is. It doesn’t have to be a long video to be successful. It could be a brief video. The first few minutes of a video can be used as an example. It might be a snippet of something you’ve done previously. Find something important that you have done, whatever it is. Make a video about it and it will go viral fast. When you have a large number of views on something you’re interested in, you can start marketing it. The construction will take time, but the views will increase.

I recommend that you make videos to promote your product. You can share them on YouTube or any other video-sharing site. It will take time and effort, but you will gain views and people will become interested in what you are interested in. They would then want to buy. Then you should email them to clarify what you have to say in a sales pitch. In this way, you can begin to build your business.