When searching on Google, do you click on the first article you see like I do? We never really stray from page 1 of Google search results, do we? It’s probably not something you even notice until you’re the one trying to get your content up on the first page. So how do we do this? Simple, SEO. Or maybe not so simple… a lot of coding and analysis goes into SEO, and even after learning all that, you’ll likely need consistent updates because algorithms and tactics evolve all the time. Don’t be disheartened, though! Here are a few SEO tools you can check out to elevate your website.

Google Analytics: As a new business website, it is important to set up a Google Analytics account for research. By learning how search engines view your site, you can improve your website ranking. Google Analytics tracks user interactions from your site. This offers valuable data on who clicks on your site, when they visit your site, and where they’ve been before ending up at your site. This information will help you develop your website for SEO optimization.

While the three tools to be mentioned in this article are all useful, maximize your SEO efforts by setting Google Analytics up first because this tracks visitor behavior. Google Analytics offers free trials and it’s not difficult at all to install. Use the data provided to adjust your SEO methods to target visitor behavior effectively.

Google Webmaster Tools: Google uses this to display data about websites. This is an excellent site for SEO work because you get to track down ranking problems, plus you can easily find out what search engines are linking to your site. From this site, you can see where your competitors’ links are coming from.

With Google Webmaster, you’ll easily see what Google changes in your website. Don’t forget to submit your site to Google’s search engine and to Yahoo! search. You should also submit your site to DMOZ, a highly regarded website directory.

Clicky: Clicky is a free tool that connects to your WordPress blog and stores all of your posts and comments in one convenient database. This makes it easy to manage the content for each post. Clicky will also help you manage your backlinks. Search engines use anchor text when they search your site for relevant content. Say your anchor text is “SEO Tips” – this will link your site to other SEO tip-related sites.

Now, this tool is the most important. I recommend that you use this once in a while. It can be used easily by entering your website’s URL into the Google Analytics control panel. From this page, you will see data about your website visitors, including the keywords that they have entered to get to your site. Of course, this information is useful for SEO purposes. Learn the most popular keywords for your website with this tool and improve your site content.

REMEMBER: create your site first, register your domain name, and register with a host. Also, you should know where to submit your site. Keep in mind that search engines tend to use the URL for relevancy. Finally, update your site constantly. For band names, stay in line with changes that your company makes. All these steps are very easy. I encourage you to make them, and I will do more work for you later.

After completing them, the next step is a relatively simple process. You have to think about your site’s theme. The easiest ways to do this is by using words from your site. You can search the web for words that you think are related to your site. These words will help in linking your site. You can also use the Google AdWords tool to find relevant words. After you have those words and phrases, you can combine those words using the power of algorithms. Another thing that you can do is to publish articles on your site. This will help in your SEO efforts. With these tools and tips on hand, try your hand in optimizing your website for higher ranking!