What are SEO Keywords?
SE keywords are used by the SE because they are the words people search for to find your website in the search engines. A website’s audience is the people who write the search engines that will send millions to your site. In other words, the people who are looking for your site are your visitors, and therefore, your keywords are “traffic” words. This means that the best and most effective way to use keywords is to attract traffic with your keywords, then attract them with your text.

How to Use SEO Keywords to Target Your Traffic?
SE keyword usage is not based on any particular rule, but rather on a user’s past search behavior. Here is an example: you have been looking for tips to lose weight, or how to get a new dog. You then look for tips on losing weight. You are more likely to search for “how to get a dog” instead of “weight loss”, if you already have a dog, of course. So your first keyword needs to be “lose weight” or “weight loss”, not “weight loss tips”.

SE keyword usage is based on your user behavior, so keep this in mind when choosing your keywords. Your keywords also need to be something your audience will search for, the article is about “weight loss” so your keywords are: “weight loss”. If you would search for “get a dog” then your keyword is “get a dog”. If you would search for any topic, then your keywords are “weight loss tips” or “how to lose weight”. Again, it’s a question of your past search behavior, the example above is meant to help you see how the above works, a real case could probably be worked around.
The next step is to attract search engines with your keywords. Use a variety of keywords, and find the best one. Some keyword tools are good for this. You can then use the keywords in your anchor text, that is the text the visitor sees when your link is displayed on a web page, and search engines will recognize that keyword, and rank you as the source of that keyword. Keyword research helps find keywords that will achieve your goal. If you would like to find keywords that will attract the masses, but not necessarily the highest quality visitors, you can use words such as “free” or “cheap”, words which will get people, but not necessarily the best quality visitors. Keep in mind that every keyword you find will have little or no competition from other websites. If you need to find words that have plenty of competition, use those words with quotation marks and place your keywords within them. The result is the same, but the competition is lower.
Using keywords in your content is another technique to reach a large audience. You can use terms like “I,” “me,” and “you” in a blog or article, for example. Because so many individuals use these terms, there will be little or no competition. You will attract a lot of attention if you utilize the term “you.”
Generally, if you find one, and only one, quality keyword or phrase, then you’re set. In all reality, if you can find any word or phrase, it will help.
The issue with getting your search term in your content isn’t simply getting that particular word or phrase. There are various methods for accomplishing this. The issue is that obtaining those terms, which should be included in your article, will raise your traffic by hundreds of thousands, if not tens of thousands.
Paying someone to submit articles and blogs is a practice that is frequently utilized. The truth is that the stakes are really high. Getting a single, quality keyword phrase to a keyword is extremely high and really simple. And the challenge is ensuring that those simple terms will generate the traffic you require without spending thousands of dollars. That’s all there is to it. Those are extremely simple words to learn.
So, one of the things that I believe is critical is identifying the words and phrases that will generate traffic while remaining cost-effective. It will not cost you thousands of dollars to get the traffic you require to help you reach your goals.