The client will be the one to decide how and when they are updated. Allow enough time for the search engines to crawl the site and decide the theme, but not too much. We’ll arrange everything to meet your needs and goals. This is, after all, an SEO process, not a development process. The majority of clients would rather have a maintenance plan than a development plan. If you’re short on time, make a development strategy. We’ll move the project around till it’s right for you!

To quote a friend, We’re not attempting to deceive anyone when we talk about optimization, to paraphrase a friend! We’re trying to help in making informed decisions that best suit your needs. From personal experience, I can tell you that this is a complicated process. Most SEO agencies are upfront about this. We were quite clear about what and why we’re doing it. It’s a process we don’t think we’ll be able to handle in-house. We couldn’t get the results we wanted even if we tried. As a result, we prefer to delegate responsibility to a competent firm that can lead the client through a customization program.
We want to help in making the best decision for your company! Having said that, it is a process. The client will be required to participate in this process from the beginning to help us in deciding on the theme and keywords, as well as how they will be integrated within the site. We don’t believe in doing something in-house without first consulting the client.
Now, to the comments.
We like a “Million Dollar Theme” – You see, we’re not in the business of creating new content just to develop new content. Its original, quality content will create interest in the users.   We wish to provide search engines with high-quality content. It’s premium because we believe search engines should work for us instead of against us. This means that we want to provide high-quality content that users will find when searching for a company name or term. Being a top-ranked website isn’t enough. To go up the ranks, we will provide premium content. It’s simple, isn’t it?
Good points and bad points. –  It’s up to you to decide which one you prefer. If you’re searching for a theme or keywords that are easy to rank for, you’ll want to work with someone who can deliver high-quality content. Finding the top content providers is not an easy task.
Google’s content is something we’re all familiar with. It’s all put together by a group of writers who share a belief that premium content is important. Yes, I believe that as well. Premium material produced by various content companies around the Web, in my opinion, is in high demand.
As a result, we believe that premium content produced by various content producers across the Web has a place. I’m not sure that there is a chance for premium content to be provided by each website. Most content companies are very specialized. Premium content created by general categories is rare. We do occasionally come across articles written by a company with original ideas, but this is rare, and the articles are typically written for specific customers. Customers will always have a difficult time finding premium content if they are unfamiliar with the premium content provider.
So, do we trust premium content provided by different content providers all over the Internet? It isn’t an issue. If a client requires premium content from different companies, we will provide it. However, I believe all businesses that are searching for premium content need to contact multiple content companies to get specific and unique content. Premium content is only a small part of your campaign. Your entire campaign should be focused on optimizing the site.
I think there is no problem in providing premium content provided by different content companies across the Web. I don’t think premium content is that difficult to come by.