Let’s start with Google Analytics. It is a powerful website analytics tool and can be purchased via VISA, mastercard, American Express, Discover, and more. It’s also easy to install and use (you can get it running within minutes!) and the setup includes automatically-generated invitations to your site. With this built-in tracking code, you can see how many visits you get in your site, as well as other analytical data related to their visits. Google Anlaytics can enable you to up your data analytics game and drive targeted traffic using different channels.

Google Analytics provides real-time analytics anytime, and can collate periodic reports to show you site visitors, session duration, and time spent within specific times. At this point, you may be asking, “I thought this article was about Google AdWords? Why is this relevant?” Read on to find out!

Google AdWords is a paid search marketing tool, which, if used correctly, will help your business grow. With Google AdWords, you can target people who are searching for a specific service or product. In other words, people who are searching for “pain relief” products will be shown ads for “pain relief services” and so on.

Remember that built-in tracking code we mentioned in Google Analytics? Well, you can track the people who visit your site and target your content to these people. You will be able to see how many people either leave your site without visiting other pages, or never visit your site at all. With the code, you can see the people who activate other channels that are part of Google AdWords. These translate into the adds that you see, the landing pages your visitors land on, and the leads you grow.

Google AdWords can give you great results, but like everything in life, it comes with a caveat. One would be the cost. Such a valuable tool to grow market reach entails costs to set up an account, set up keywords, and place bids on ads. There is also a cost to manage your campaigns, including data updates, tracking codes, and performance reporting. Finally, there is a cost to serve people ads that are relevant and of good quality. Pricey? Yes, but it can be worth it when used right, especially if you have a limited budget. When you begin to use AdWords more, you will be able to calculate your ROI accurately. Once your ROI is established, you can focus on eliminating irrelevant costs/wastes to continue scaling your ROI.

In your small business, like in any business, you need to continue to make your marketing efforts successful. By using the right tools, you can improve your revenue, decrease your expenses, and grow your business. The tools mentioned here are just a few, with more software out there ready for you to use. Research is important to find out which of the multitude of resources will be a great fit for your marketing strategies. Google AdWords can be your starting point and can help your business grow successfully, then you will understand the great rewards of starting with a solid strategy.

Once you have your account set up, it’s time to get on with the actual marketing! Google AdWords can be a critical partner in helping you grow, but as you become more successful, you can begin branching out into more complex marketing tools. In the meantime, enjoy AdWords and its simple but efficient interface!

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