Do you currently have a website? If so, what is/isn’t working for you?
One thing I’ve observed about most people is that we like to give the scales a lot of points! It’s as if all of our scales are weighed down, making it difficult to get any scale at all.

What are your goals for this project?
Clear goals can help you understand what you’re trying to achieve, whether it’s improving a business’s online presence, gaining knowledge, or simply having fun working on a website.

Who is your target audience?
The questions about a website’s design are easy if you know who your target audience is. The type of website you want to create should be able to attract potential clients.

What specific features do you want on the site?
As mentioned earlier, there are two options for web design: hiring a web designer or developing the site yourself. If you do hire a web designer, be sure you know exactly what features you want. Make sure you know what kind of website you want if you’re creating it yourself. If you’re simply looking for an online brochure to help promote your company, you might want to stick to the templates that include some nice photos. It will enhance the credibility of both your website and your company.

Who are your main competitors?
Looking at your list of competitors is the best way to figure out who your competitors are. You’ll be an obvious choice to beat your list if you have a strong list of competitors. You’ll also have a good understanding of who dominates your list. If they dominate their list it means they know a thing or two about their business and have the resources to back up what they know. If you don’t dominate your list, then you might need to work on your web design and marketing tactics to beat your list.