A common misconception of bloggers in the online world is that if their content is good, people will eventually come like bees to honey. While there are the occasional phenomena, you’ll find that in reality, your audience grows as your reputation grows. And what better way to enhance your brand than by offering demo services/products that cement your credibility? Here are a few simple methods to build traffic with your reputation:

1. Offer a free mini course – mini courses are a perfect way to get people to keep coming back without divulging all of your content. The whole point of this is to offer a short, bite-sized portion of your product or service, enough to convince your audience that they will be getting maximum value for their money.

2. Offer a free eBook – If you are selling reading content, then this may help keep your readers coming back for more. This is a great way to convert long time visitors into buyers, too.

3. Offer a free extra class – This is an opportunity for you to reach out beyond your audience. You can offer hour-long sessions on your expertise and encourage participants in the end to keep coming back until they’re confident enough to make the purchase/subscription.

4. Create a free (full) course for your niche – a complete course with value-adding knowledge – for free? Sign me up! This tactic is a great way to make a name for yourself. People will most likely sign up for it if they’re interested in your topic because it’s free. Your goal here is to give them value and show them what else you can offer them. You can place an extra class on top of this to up your game, if you feel like it!

If you are in the business of selling or providing expertise, you must always remember that your customers don’t buy because they pity you, or any other reason. They spend because they are convinced you can provide them the value they’re looking for. The above-mentioned free products are meant to convince them that this is what you can offer (and more), and get them to believe in you! Furthermore:

1. These give you the opportunity to make a name for yourself in your niche. Would you pay to see someone whose skillset you’re not confident in? I wouldn’t. Consider the free products/services as a chance to market your knowledge to people.

2. These will give you more prospects. People are more likely to sign up for your offer if they have already seen you or your service. By offering free classes and materials, you are giving your audience a reason to sign up for more!

3. Free classes/courses/products are a chance for you to plug your other offerings! Use your free courses/materials as a chance to promote your upcoming offerings.

All these are easy ways to promote your product or service AND they’re pretty cost-efficient, if you think about it! You can get a free mini-course and extra mini-course online for under $15. A free extra class will cost about the same. These are inexpensive ways to boost traffic. Utilizing any one of these effective marketing tactics will amplify your chances of making a big splash with your market!

There are many ways to get more traffic to your blog. But these three are the best ways, because these three ways will not cost you anything. You can be the master of these three free extra class ways to get more traffic to your blog.