There is a right way and a wrong way to do this. You need to make sure that your content is fresh, new and exciting, so visitors are motivated to want to come back. Too much old content and visitors will find it boring and boring will mean no new content.

Below are the 5 ways to make sure your blog posts are fresh and exciting:

1. Tell good stories. Stories grab visitors attention. Your blog posts should be full of stories, either true or made up. If you create a story for the sake of attention, don’t expect it to matter to your website visitors.

2. Tell your readers what you are going to do. If you haven’t figured this out yet, you are missing the boat. Yes, people will read what you’re going to do, but that’s not the same as following through on your promise.

3. Make bold promises. If you’re going to post a recipe video, make sure it is going to live up to your claims. I know it’s tempting, but don’t give away the store on your promises.

4. Give frequent content. Most people start their blog regularly between posts, but after a while they just stop. This is the worst thing you can do because they will miss out on all of your fresh content. It is best to give content out on a regular basis. You can start small and build your way up to a big promise post.

5. Make a promise that you are going to do something. If you make a video promise that you are going to make a video on how to kill an elephant, or solve the mystery of death, don’t wait to post it. Find out how to kill an elephant and make a video on how to kill an elephant. Make it the first thing you post on your blog and get it out there.

There are so many ways you can build a great blog about your product. However, you don’t want to go overboard. There are times when you don’t want to give away the store. If this is the case with you, consider the following techniques to help you stay on track and keep you from giving away the store.

Make it personal. Find out who your ideal client is. You want to appeal to their interests and needs. Write posts that will speak directly to your ideal clients.

Make it simple. Keep it simple and make it brief. It can be hard to get your readers interested in a topic when it is too complicated. Make your blog interesting and compelling and watch your email opens and traffic grow.

Keep it fresh. Use the latest blog design and feed formats. Blogging platforms allow you to create a post with many options. You have more creative freedom than you would in a normal blog post. Use these tools wisely.

Monitor your blog. Look at your analytics to track traffic and views. If you are getting a lot of views on your blog, this shows that people really are interested in your content. There are times when you may want to repost a certain topic. It will help your ranking in search engines. If your views are low, this could be a sign that you are giving away the store. However, if you have posted enough, keep posting and watch your blog traffic grow.

What if the marketing tactic you want to use doesn’t exist? Don’t despair. You can create a strategy around this tactic, or use several marketing tactics together. For example, you can post a list of top 13 reasons you would prefer to fly than drive. Or you can post a list of top 7 reasons you prefer to hire than Uber. You can have a strategy that combines many tactics. For example, you can create a marketing tactic that says “Work from home jobs pay 50% more than normal jobs.”

Marketing tactics are not the only thing you should be doing. You should also network, promote, and provide content. Once you have your strategy, create multiple posts that promote your strategies. Share your strategies on social media with the same tags or phrases, and give them places on your blog.

Give them links on your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. Create a blog that focuses on your strategies. Share your blogs on social media with the same tags or phrases, and ask people to give them links on your profile.

If you are into SEO, use multiple marketing tactics. For example, you can write 3 blog posts about how great it is to work from home, and then write 3 blog posts about how great it is to work from home.

Keep replying to your clients. If your marketing strategy is promoting the success of their business, then always make sure that your clients are replying to you. Don’t just spam them with a bunch of emails.

As you can see, there are more than one way to become successful. That is why I am always telling people to find their tribe. In this case, your tribe is the group of people who understand you, and are willing to work with you.

You will not only be more successful, but you will be able to spend more time with your family. Your clients are your family.