What is SEO?
Search engine optimization is increasing the number of visitors to a website from search engines by either building links or employing other techniques. To get ranked high for a specific keyword, you must use different techniques or strategies. A tool that helps you optimize your website is SEO tools.

Why is SEO so important to businesses?
There is no reason why your business, small or large, shouldn’t be able to compete with the big guys on the internet. The fact is that millions of people go online to search for products and services every month, each wanting to buy what they see on search results.

The most important Google ranking factors are?
Well, the first one is the site’s content. You must make sure your content is written naturally and follow simple rules such as avoiding using keyphrases and avoiding using keywording too many times. Google reads the content from left to right and, for any given time, is given a window of the site’s content. This means that a key phrase or a word in the content appears left to right.

What is web crawling?
Web crawling is the process of taking a snapshot of the structure of a website so that it can be reconstructed for future use. Web crawling is a handy way to monitor a website’s popularity, get data to improve the website, and improve search engine results. It is just like visiting a website from search results and finding out how many times its visitors have searched for a related keyword, how many times it has been searched for, and how many times a similar keyword was searched.