What is a Canonical URL?
Canonical URL is the most common title for a web page or document. It is the keyword in a document that is the link that takes the viewer to the main page when they click on it. The title of the web page or document that begins with the keyword or phrase that is being searched is what search engines look for. It is crucial to have a canonical URL on a website’s main page.

What is an HTML Sitemap?
The HTML site map is a sitemap of sorts, a map that you can zoom into to see the locations of your pages to one another and the main site. All of your pages are placed on separate lines with the file name extension .html. This extension tells search engines that the page belongs to the homepage or your main site, whereas other extensions like .htm, .php, etc. are called navigation links, these stand for menu links. Other extensions such as logo, footer, etc. are called footer links. These navigation links generally lead you back to the home page.

What is an XML Sitemap?
An XML site map is a website index. The web pages describe that search engines determine where the web pages are on the Internet and how they are related to each other. This is usually a huge file that you upload to your server. The search engines use this file to determine how to crawl your website. There are two types of sitemaps: static and interactive. The static site maps usually describe the pages in a fixed order. The interactive site maps allow you to type in what you are looking for.

What is LSI?
LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing is the automated software and database that combines semantic search, phrase indexing, and text analysis in a single, search-friendly, database. In simpler terms, it’s a database that combines the different functions of a phrase database with the analysis and classifications of sentences into discrete keywords.

What is Google Algorithm?
The Google Algorithm is a classification system that Google created to categorize the websites they crawl. For example, a page with the keyword phrase “computers” might be in the Health & Medicine section and the Science (Geographic Indexing) section. The Geographical Indexing portion of the Google Algorithm is used to index websites in the search engine results pages by looking at the link anchor text of the hyperlinks.