Does social media negatively impact wellbeing?
When it comes to social media, it’s important to note the difference between social media and social network media. While both allow for a more connected experience for your customers, social media has a different meaning than social network media.

What are the positives of using social media?
The upside is that you get to form close relationships with your prospects and customers. It’s a great way to establish business ties. Social media sites are a form of personal communication that can help others learn more about you. It will show them how you work, that you are open and accepting, and, hopefully, that it will inspire them to do business with you.

How does social media affect mental health?
A social media marketing agency may be able to show that a particular social media website is gaining in popularity. This may suggest that people are using the particular website more than others.

How are young people affected by social media?
The effects of social media on the young population are often reported in the media. The Daily Show used a montage of young people reacting to the news that their parents were going on vacation by tweeting that they weren’t going on vacation and instead would be on Facebook. The New York Times is running a series on social media’s power. On their website, The Guardian published a similar item. The Washington Post published an article about Twitter’s growing popularity in the House of Representatives. I’ll edit this piece as more reports become available. I’ll provide links to each piece as well as a description of the impacts they describe.

How can I improve my mental wellbeing?
It’s a common problem. Many of us struggle with feeling ‘so-so’ because we don’t want to appear to be ‘so-so’ about things like mental health. While others struggle with feeling ‘so-so’ because they actually are so-so, by failing to acknowledge the importance of mental health issues.