Why do businesses put their trust in brands that have an Instagram presence? One of the reasons is that brands that provide accounts are familiar with the medium and have mastered creating engaging content for their accounts. They know how to schedule their posts so that their audience only sees them when they are ready. Brands that want to compete with the big boys must provide genuine brand engagement and a positive user experience. Instagram makes it easy for companies to do so without having to spend lots of money on advertising.

Because Instagram is still relatively new in terms of established brands, there are many rules and etiquette to be learned. Like what constitutes spam? What is a good way to engage your audience? How do you plan to engage your audience? These are questions that every brand seeking a presence on the platform should address. Instagram will become a blueprint for brands who want to grow their following and make them more loyal without having to spend millions on advertising as time goes on.

Instagram, like many other social media sites, is rife with clones. For example, the company recently launched a new video and picture tool called Story Studio. In this way, Instagram has grown into a useful tool for companies looking to tell compelling stories. While using social media as a storytelling tool is OK, it is not the same as creating original content. There is a big difference between creating original content and replicating content created by others. There are copyright violations here, and so, original content must be acquired. There is a lot of copying predators on Instagram. Therefore, original content must be original. Just because something has been replicated, it does not mean that it is original. Original content must be created.

Instagram is still in its infancy, and businesses must embrace the platform for it to succeed. The company has created a Content Review to encourage people to create original content. By going to your account’s management page, you can seek a Content Review. You will have the chance to provide examples of original content created during your Content Review, and your account may be suspended if you do not. This is to stop copycats from using the platform. It’s critical to protect your work and protect your name.

It is up to the company to evaluate the content. The company has the option to approve or deny the content after it has been reviewed. It will also have the option of banning the content or suspending the account while doing so. Copyright violations are the most prevalent reason for accounts being temporarily suspended.

Instagram’s response to copyright infringement on its site differs from how it handles the same issue on other social media sites. Instagram bans users from posting videos of themselves having sex. This is because the content is copyrighted, and the company does not want it shared. Therefore, Instagram will automatically suspend accounts that are found to be violating the copyrights of other users. This is different from the way Twitter handles copyright violations and the way Facebook handles the same issue.

Instagram is worried about copyright violations. As a result, the company has allowed users to submit examples of original content they’ve created. The company will begin suspending accounts that have been found to be violating copyrights.

This is why the company has come up with the Content Review Program. The Content Review Program is like a DMCA takedown notice in which the company gets alerted when another user uploads copyrighted material. In this, the company will review the content submitted by the other user, and if it is not original, it will send a counter-notice to the user. In this counter-notice, the company will request the removal of the copyrighted material.

So, what are the next steps?

In the last three years, the company has suspended 6,700 accounts. They think the Content Review Program is to blame for the high number of accounts that have been suspended. As a result, the firm has modified the program and now demands suspended accounts to pay a fine of $37.50 before they can be reinstated.


Many people believe Facebook is safe. Some posts will remain, but accounts will be suspended for copyright violations. In addition, the company is being sued for its handling of the copyright issue. When a copyright violation is detected, the proper procedure for managing the issue on Facebook is to remove all content. Only allow content to be uploaded when it has been verified that it is not infringing. People will be more reluctant to upload copyrighted material to the site as a result of this. For the time being, the company is not as secure as many people believe. They still allow the uploading of copyrighted content. The Content Review Program might help you in a good perspective on the policy. If you plan to post a video, you should always file a copyright or dummy content claim to ensure that you are not liable to the company.