EAsyWeb is a simple tool for you to create a webpage without knowing HTML. You don’t even have to know HTML or any coding at all! Using EAsyWeb, you can simply drag and drop images, videos, content, and so much more right onto your webpage, and the website builder will do the rest. But that’s not all! Once you create your website, you can customize it by simply adding links, text, images, videos, content, and more.

So, let’s start at the beginning. You’ll need a Web Host (a place on the internet where your webpage can be stored) and an EAsyWeb Webpage Builder (you can find free versions of this on the internet, but beware they may be infected with malware). After that, you’ll need to make your web page. There are various free web page builders online that will help you design your website with only a few clicks. However, because infected versions can cause your computer to freeze or crash, we recommend using a free version with good anti-virus protection.

Step 1: Create your web page using the EAsyWeb page builder.

Click the “Add Content” button on your webpage or website. Then, on your page, look for the “create a web page” button. That button should be clicked. Your webpage will now display in the internet browser, and you will be redirected to a new window where you can see it. You are now ready to launch your website. Your new web page can now be closed.

Step 2: Add the web content

It’s important to keep in mind that you may wish to include images, videos, and text when creating your web page. You’ll want to be able to keep all of your images, videos, and text intact. That’s why, at this time, you should make a copy of your webpage. Then you can find and copy the content you want to include.

You can also insert links and images wherever you want. So, in your EAsyWeb web page builder, you may see the words “Add Images,” “Add Text,” and “Add Video” buttons. You may also visit the word “Insert.” This button allows you to insert images, text, and video wherever you want. You can simply click on the button, and the images, text, and video will appear on your new web page. Finally, click on “Publish.”

As you can see, you may be able to add content to your site in a matter of minutes. The more complex your site gets, the longer it will take to add content. Also, if you have long lists, adding content can take a long time.

Step 3: Update the web page builder.

Once you have added your new web page content, it’s important to check your web page’s status to make sure all the copy you have inserted is showing up. You can use the “Updates” link on your EAsyWeb web page builder to update your web page. It’s also important to update any images, videos, and text you may have. It’s very easy to do these things with the EAsyWeb web page builder. Once you are done with your updates, click on “Back to Home” on the top right of your screen.

Step 4: Add your Web Content

Once you click on “Back to Home,” you will go back to your home screen. This time you will also see a button that reads “Add Content.” Click on “Add Content.”

Step 5: Publish your web page builder.

Once you click on “Publish,” you will be brought back to your home screen, where you will see your new web page. You can also click on “Update” to update your web page. You can also click on “Preview” to get a look at your updated web page.

Step 6: Upload your Web Content

Once you click on “Preview” or “Update,” you will be brought back to your EAsyWeb website, where you will see the original web page that you uploaded. You can click on “Upload” to go back to your website and upload your new web page content.

Step 7: Access your EAsyWeb website

Once you click on “Upload,” you will be brought back to your original home page, where you will be able to access your EAsyWeb website from anywhere.


This is all you’ll need to begin building your website. Before you start any web design project, take the time to understand what your website’s goal and objective are. A well-designed website should not only help visitors find what they’re looking for, but it should also stay on your site for a while.

This will help you achieve your goal faster. When work on a web design project, continue to put your audience in mind. When your users come to your site, they’ll know exactly what they’re looking for, so make sure it’s user-friendly. Because your audience will change as your site evolves, it’s critical to make it more user-friendly as you go.