To obtain more results from Marketing Automation, I recommend creating an ideal scenario. You should analyze your company from an inside perspective to understand how the functions work together. Next, you have to work out a sequence of actions that include the following:

1. Monitor Results

With Marketing Automation, your primary goal is to get more customers. It does this by creating better customer relationships. The optimal scenario is to think about how your company provides the best service for your customers. From this thought, you have to create a list of all the possible tasks that need to be done to have all the information you need to do your customer service tasks effectively.

A custom report is required to track the marketing automation output. For each action or job linked to marketing automation, you can create a custom report. For example, if you want to track the marketing automation output in terms of email response, you may create a report that includes URL, subject, message, date, and time fields. Each field represents a marketing automation interaction with a customer.

2. Create a checklist of customer interaction.

The checklist is a set of steps you can follow to ensure that the process is going smoothly. The custom report in marketing automation is a checklist that helps you in choosing the optimum customer interaction points.

3. Create a list of customer contact points.

The checklist is a list of steps you can follow to ensure the process is working effectively. The custom report serves as a checklist for marketing automation, identify the best customer interaction points.

4. Use the custom reports as part of the routine customer contact process.

You can use the initial list of client contact points as the basis for your routine customer contact process once you have it. You can create a routine that starts at these stages and ends at the next point of client interaction. You may create a sequence for your regular customer interactions this way.

As you can see, these methods enable you to create a customized customer interaction schedule. This allows you to dedicate more resources to income pursuits. Your overall revenue per transaction will fall if you spend time on things that don’t earn income. Throttling in marketing automation is what it’s called.

To prevent throttling, you need a system that will automate the customer interaction routine.

Here are some options:

Automatically create a specific date range to use as a baseline for your routine customer interaction schedule.
Have the routine generated as an alert that you can trigger from your CRM or Sales pipeline. You will also want the routine to be created based on a specific set of customer interaction points. The alert can contain a specific set of triggers to trigger the routine.

Sales Rep Script/Automation System:

Receive sales leads and action a specific script based on the specific customer interaction points. This allows the sales rep to receive a specific set of information and act based on that information.

Receive a specific list of sales opportunities and check that they comply with your routine. When the opportunity is found to be compliant, send a specific message and action to the sales team based on that message. The option is never blocked due to the automation system.

Receive a sales cycle report and use that as a baseline for the next sales cycle. This allows you to review your entire sales cycle and adjust your routine based on problems found.

Recheck the overall effectiveness of the routine. You might find that a few things are missing or that is not effective enough. There are several ways to adjust this routine to make it more effective.

Your routine can also be used to teach other team members how to do their jobs more effectively. You might want to have a compliance team check-in regularly to ensure that the entire practice is working. They can change the routine to make it more effective if it isn’t effective.

You can also use the routine as a reference tool to make sure that you are always learning how to do your job better. After a few years, the routine will have become a part of your way of thinking and an important part of your process.

You can also use the routine to be a source of inspiration for your team members. It can be used as a standard that your team should meet or exceed. The idea is to set a standard that your team should strive to achieve. The closer you can create a set of standards that is a part of the way your team does business, the more likely it is that everyone in the team will be inspired to do their jobs better and more effectively.

The goal is to use the routine as a tool for sharing and unifying your team into a community of excellence. Each team member should know that they are a part of an organization that sets a high bar and strives for excellence.

The point is that you need to take the time to think about how you want your team to be. That is where the inspiration comes from. You don’t need to go looking for ideas. When you go looking for ideas, you are likely to find many, but you are more likely to find none that will inspire your team members to be your best.