However, how you go about doing it is equally as important. Search engine optimization and search engine marketing are often used interchangeably when it comes to online branding. However, one affects the other. The on-page techniques you use directly impact your search rankings, and thus on your brand. When you use on-page tactics, they work. The other local search optimization (LSE) methods focus off-page. Off-page tactics like link exchanges can have a big impact on how your firm ranks in search. As a result, the most effective way to implement online branding and optimization is to use off-page tactics.

I currently work with companies throughout New York and New Jersey, and all have a few consistent themes of success, so I want to share some of them.

1. Relevancy

Google, Yahoo, and Bing strive to provide relevant results to the searchers. If you optimize your website for broad terms, it will be easier to achieve your desired results. For example, what is your company known for? If your company is named “Smiths,” the search will return links and effects with “Smiths, N.Y.”You will be rewarded with a higher ranking if you optimize your website for “Nassau County.” If you don’t want to repeat your company’s name, spell it right. Some people become so concerned with what others think of them that they forget to be unique.

2. Use words that are related to the industry.

Including your town in the URL is a good way to do this. If your firm is Smiths, NY, for example, your link should state Nassau Co., and your results should include links to “Smiths, NY,” “Smiths Lake,” and “Smiths Settlement.”

3. Include your town in the company name.

Suppose you have a Smiths-Smiths, etcetera. Your location will be easily identifiable on your website.

4. Optimize your website

A simple way to add images is to add some text, add a maps page, and add some videos. You can choose to leave your site disabled, if you wish, or make it mobile-friendly.

5. Relate your company to the location.

These techniques are already listed on your website if you want more, add your website’s address. The link should direct to a page in the location of your website.

6. Get listed on places pages.

This is an excellent way to gain exposure and help potential clients find your services.

7. Build the link page

These links should be placed correctly, with your company name close to the top. The link page should be a place to present your expertise.

8. Use the name servers.

If you have a nameserver that is not working, find someone who does and help them create a nameserver. Your company’s name should be near the top and a URL at the bottom.

9. Create the site’s URL.

Create a URL that is an exact match to your company’s name. It should be relevant. Try to use words that are related to your company’s name.

10. Use some articles.

Many companies do not write articles, instead opting to hire others to do so. Writing articles is a good way to learn how to write a page, but this is not a replacement for hiring someone.

11. Use a Blog system

Some companies have set up a blog system where you may write articles. Many businesses are looking for extra sites where they can post articles. This is a good way to increase the number of people who visit your website while also ensuring that they are not posting links to other sites.

12. Update content

Try to keep your content fresh. Fresh content, not stale stuff, is what you want. If you’ve been in company for a time, some people may lose interest if they see you don’t have any content.

13. Optimize your site

If you’ve depended on keywords and think you’ve made a mistake, make sure your site is optimized. Our keyword might not be relevant to what you are selling, so try to put in alternate keywords that are related. If your company sells garden tools, for example, you can use “garden hoe” as a keyword. You might not have used this in your ads, but this will give it some relevancy. You might have used “garden tools” to put in “gardening tools” to make sure that more people will see your site.

You might want to consider several other strategies before hiring someone to do the search engine optimization work for you. Some of these will not guarantee the same results as having someone to do it for you, but the good news is that you won’t have to wait months to see the results. I hope you find this post helpful. If you have a good SEO company, let them know that you would like to see this post on somebody else’s site. They will not be upset with you this way, and they will not miss out on a sale.