Boost Your YouTube Channel Traffic

1. Set up your YouTube Channel.

After you’ve created your YouTube Channel, ensure it appears at the top of the search results. The goal of this step is to increase the number of people who see your videos. Add related videos, make sure your descriptions are intriguing, use relevant keywords and phrases, and write intriguing titles and descriptions to achieve this. Finally, double-check that your channel is complete, with no gaps in your profile.

mayumi publishing youtube channel
2. Optimize your videos for SEO.

You must optimize your videos for SEO to produce a good ranking in search engines. This procedure improves the relevancy of your page to your target audience and helps it rank better in search results. To do this, you must add related videos to your channel, including your website’s URL in your videos, and repeat the URL twice at the top of your description. Lastly, in the video description, include a front website link.

3. Optimize your website.

To receive a good rank on search results, you have to submit your website to Google and other search engines and make sure your URL is prominently displayed on the site. To do so, you have to make a good description of your business and add a backlink of your site twice to the description. Lastly, add relevant keywords to your site’s description.

These steps require time, so you should have a primary strategy: building your YouTube Channel, creating videos, optimizing them, and submitting them to search engines. However, there is a secondary strategy which is building your website.

You should have a secondary strategy for promoting your website on social media because your first strategy is dependent on it. To do so, you must submit your website to social media networks, which means that having thousands of followers on social media is insufficient. You need MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn followers. However, people must discover your videos, and your website must be very relevant to your target audience to rank well in search results.

Besides, to get a high rank on search results, your site has to have a high page rank. You have to have a page rank of three or less on the search engines. To get a high page rank, your site has to have the following features:

Relevant target audience – your audience has to be defined by the description and tags.

Keyword-rich content – you have to have keywords in your description, tags, and video title.

Video is the most important part of the strategy because it matches the target group’s interests.