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Are you an entrepreneur, consultant, or marketing manager in need of a new Funnel Software Tool? Are you interested in increasing an existing funnel’s performance and overall revenue? Getting insight into your funnel is critical to understanding the incoming leads to your business. Your funnel dictates everything from conversion rates to revenue. But how can you tell if there is a problem? is a marketing and sales funnel builder, enabling you to create different strategies and tactics for your sales funnel. You can also access the community to gain ideas and identify what tactics other people like due to their popularity rating. Ultimately leading to greater conversions and sales. starts with a deep dive into understanding your business. Who your customers are, identifying your marketing channels, along with additional customer insight. Once that has been completed, a list of tactics are suggested for different stages of a lead/customer journey. These stages are based on AIDA (attention, interest, desire, action). In digitalfirst, they are branded as icebreaker, cheeseburger, main product, and upsell. Icebreaker is the attention phase. Cheeseburger is the interest phase or how a lead would interact with your product. This is also where a trial might be provided. Main product is moving the lead to a purchasing customer. Upsell is the post initial sales processes.

Once all the tactics are presented, they can be linked together to have a better understanding of how they will flow together.

Digitalfirst is still in development. The community is still young and there is an upcoming marketplace and roadmap. I am looking forward to how the app will continue to develop.