Product Review: Flexclip

flexclip editor

Ever have creative block? Templates are key!

I’m really impressed with Flexclip. We offer video creation/editing as one of our agency provided services. Let me say that writer’s block also comes with graphic design and video editing. Flexclip completely saved the day!

Flexclip is really easy to use video editor that has a ton of great features. Storyboard interface, Awesome – it makes putting together the videos easy with less emphasis on having to manage timelines – making editing more intuitive for non-editors. There are also a ton of stock assets that are of high quality that are tightly integrated within the app. The stock asset integration is the secret sauce! This does a great job at solving the extra step of switching between different stock providers to search for assets then having to download and upload into your online editor. There are a good number of color filters they look great, and are easy to use but we’ve been spoiled with apps such as Instagram and TikTok – Want Moar! The video templates really make the app shine. Super helpful for boosting creativity or knocking out something quick. Flexclip is fast, and for myself works as expected.

Things I would like to see:

Ability to save color palettes for brands - This would be really helpful for repeat clients/projects

More Filters - ala Instagram/TikTok

More Templates - Because why not?

More Stock Assets! Icons, clip art. Would be nice to be able to connect to an existing stock membership through an API.

More Effects

VSL Support

Easy way to search asset topics. When browsing asset topics, have to scroll then wait to load to view topics. I like being able to see the samples from each topic but would like to see all topics available. Easily solved though, by opening another window then loading them.

The slide editor works great but I would like to see an optional video/audio timeline editor for the instances when it is needed. Slide editor should still take center stage.

Would easy illustrated animation such as white board and toons be too much to ask for?

To note, we have several other video editors, from very basic to feature packed. Each serving a slightly different purpose. Flexclip does not currently have the scalability of editing that the other more feature rich editors have (create/import filters for example). Which is not necessarily a bad thing. We find that we spend more time in the video editors that are easy to use that still create a quality result. Flexclip is best for people with no prior editing experience (templates), general content creators (templates and multiple export options), anyone that would like to create a decent video quickly. Flexclip excels at being easy to use but may not be the best choice for animators or power users/editors. There are other tools that serve these purposes.

Overall, I’ve been able to find most everything I need to generate a quality video. I’m really happy with Flexclip and would definitely recommend it to others!

For more information – visit https://www.flexclip.com/