Robot.alp screenshot

Robotalp is awesome! Robotalp is a set of website monitoring tools that allows you to monitor website performance in real-time. For providing agency services, it has been great keeping an eye on several online businesses, and just seeing what’s happening in real-time. The app is user-friendly, easy to use, and has a straightforward interface.

The primary features that I use are website downtime, SSL monitoring, DNS monitoring, and Pagespeed monitoring. There is also an option for API, Port, and Keyword monitoring but I haven’t used or configured those.

The website downtime has been eye-opening. I didn’t realize one of my sites has been going down that often. It also helped me identify a site that goes down at the very end of the month due to bandwidth constraints. I have been sending the notifications to a slack channel.

I appreciate the ability to monitor SSL certificates. I have had sites go down in the past due to SSL certificates expiring. I usually find out afterwards when the site is down. Now I don t have to worry as much about losing any visitors because the certificate has expired. I get notified before the certificate expires, so I can now be proactive instead of reactive.

I started using the DNS monitoring and it seems like a good service. Fortunately I haven’t had any problems with losing a domain but It would be nice to know if any of my domains are suddenly pointing to a different nameserver, especially if I didn’t make the change.

Previously I used GTMetrix for pagespeed monitoring. GTMetrix would help me keep track of my pagespeed scores and see how I can improve them. The pagespeed monitoring reports in robot.alp don’t provide the same level of detail but it is nice to see as an added feature. Hopefully this will be improved upon.

One additional feature that I find will be useful. Are the status pages. A quick brandable page that allows you to insert different monitors for viewing. One thing I would like to see in the status pages is for the domain and SSL to display the date they will expire. Currently they show the up/downtime.

I recommend robotalp for anyone who needs a simple way to receive notifications regarding their website’s uptime and performance!