Nifty screenshot

Nifty is amazing! I have used many project management CRM’s. They are either too complicated, the user interface isn’t so great, or they just miss the mark in different areas. Nifty has provided us with a platform that is easy to use and helps me manage projects, staff tasks, and communicate with the team.

One of my favorite features is the integration of chat within the CRM. Chat has been implemented in other project management CRM’s but the way it is done in Nifty is very ‘Slack-ish’. Awesome!

One of my favorite non-features is the interface. The interface is intuitive and team members are able to update me on all of their projects and tasks – all automated. As tasks are moved between statuses, there is the option to provide notifications or additional automations. Think Trello, but better. The intuitive interface allows for easy onboarding.

Nifty has replaced Asana, Trello, and Slack for far. This is key since previously we would jump between applications. While the platform isn’t fully customizable, it can be supplemented. Don’t let some of the non-customizability deter you. Nifty understands project management in a way that I haven’t seen with other applications (even full custom CRM’s that employ a full time local development team – and sometimes even then the mark is missed…) Now that everything is in one spot, we make heavy use of templates. Now, when we onboard, it is one login, and only have to delete one login when offboarding.

I love that I can easily share my thoughts and ideas with the team in one place, and the platform allows for easy task tracking and collaboration integration. I would highly recommend Nifty to anyone looking for an easy to use communication and project management platform. Easily one of my favorite Project Management purchases.