If so, you’re not alone. In fact, a recent study found that 71% of people spend time editing their selfies, and 29% of people would post a picture without editing it. But don’t worry. There are ways to get the perfect Instagram photo without spending hours on your phone.

“With over 80 million users’ photos uploaded to Instagram each day. This makes Instagram a powerful platform for businesses and individuals to reach a large audience. Instagram should be high on your list. With such a large user base, your target audience is likely already active on Instagram. And with continued growth, Instagram isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.”

It’s the perfect app for sharing photos with friends and family. So sign up, create an engaging profile, and start sharing your content! Reading these simple tips allows you to edit your Instagram photos like a pro in seconds. 

Crop your photo

If you’re looking to post a photo on Instagram, but it doesn’t fit in one of the app’s standard photo aspect ratios (1:1 and 4:5), you may be out of luck. 

Cropping an image to one of Instagram’s other ratios can sometimes result in a great shot that’s not quite as wide or tall as what you see in your camera roll, and it could give you the results you are looking for.

So crop your photo in 1:1 and 4:5. Although you can cut and adjust the aspect ratio in post-production, it’s generally better to determine the proper aspect ratio before you take a photo. Before snapping a picture, you need open the settings menu on your camera and choose an aspect ratio.


Are your Instagram photos starting to look a little blurry? If you’re looking for a way to sharpen your images without using any special software, then you might be interested in using the Instagram sharpen tool. This tool eliminates the appearance of motion blur and renders all aspects of your picture more distinct. It is perfect for bringing clarity to hazy images and making it more straightforward for you to share photos with others.


If you’re looking to boost the brightness of your image, you can do so by tapping on the brightness option. The brightness level is preset to be at 0 by default, but you can make it as high as 100 if you’d like. This can help brighten up your photos and make them more readable in low-light situations.

Adjusting the brightness is a quick and simple solution to fix this common photography flaw. If the exposure of the original photo was incorrect, you could use this technique to fix it. Plan to mix brightness tweaks with other exposure-related tools such as contrast, shadows, and highlights to bring out the full potential of your image.


In a similar manner to the brightness tool, the contrast tool enables you to adjust the level of contrast by 100. By boosting the contrast, you effectively add more difference to the shot’s components, allowing the tones to stand out against each other. Images with a higher contrast tend to look crisper and can be easier to read, which could appeal to the audience you are trying to reach.

You can create the illusion that the tones are more comparable by reducing the contrast between them. Images with lower contrast can appear subdued or dreamy, but they can be more challenging to understand at a glance.


You can apply several different photo editing presets to an image by pushing a single button when you use Instagram’s filter choices. The vast majority of them come with a selection of controls for the overall color and for the levels of saturation, contrast, and brightness.

On the bright side, filters can help you save time and apply a uniform aesthetic throughout your entire Instagram grid. However, it is essential to remember that because all companies have access to the same about 20 filters, your pictures risk looking identical to those of other companies.

Consider utilizing a filter as your initial point of departure for the most satisfactory possible outcomes. You can change the volume of any filter by double-tapping it. Instagram filters are applied at a strength of one hundred percent by default; however, you can reduce this strength to get a more subtle effect. Make your Instagram images stand out from the crowd by using the editing tools below to give them a personalized touch.



Vignetting photographs on Instagram gives them a vintage feel by darkening their borders while leaving their cores brighter in tone. The vignette is configured to have a value of 0 by default. You can increase it to 100 by using the slider.

This technique is beneficial if you want to direct your audience’s attention away from the image’s edges and toward the middle of the picture. On the other hand, if your photograph follows the rule of thirds or features a focal point that isn’t located in the middle of the picture, you should probably forego the usage of this tool.


In conclusion, with a bit of practice and these simple tips, you can start taking the perfect Instagram photos that will make your followers jealous. You can avoid editing your pictures and have an excellent Instagram post every time. If you’re looking for more social media marketing advice, you can check out below and be sure to view our Social Media Marketing Jacksonville Florida.

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