The above tips are not intended to discount the need for skilled SEO services but when you are in the process of getting them, a set of goals are good. Don’t let them be the end-all be all of your search engine marketing campaign. It will only make things much harder than they need to be. The above tips may also help you better understand the process and results that these services provide. SEO is a complex matter and is best undertaken by someone who is intimately familiar with the terms and conditions of search engines and the algorithms they operate by.

To quote Jack Ma, the father of the Internet, SEO is a science, not an art. The truth of that statement may be far from palatable but, in that it is easy to accept, and, in that Jack Ma knows what he is talking about. It is a different matter when you are in the process of learning from someone and, in that case, your best bet is to ask them the right questions. In our quest to learn more about SEO and its role in an Internet marketing campaign, we discovered that these services have some common elements and a few that are distinct.

One common element is to analyze your website and come up with key words that best describe your website. Some of the common things that are performed are semantic analysis (keyword density, titles, meta tags), on-page optimization (keyword rich content, keyword placement, alt tags, navigation links) and Off-page optimization (link popularity, anchor text, incoming links, page rank, back links, article marketing, article directory submission, blog submission, video submission). In the same breath, we were also reminded that the search engines do not actually approve of the keywords as they do not actually view the page.

Also one of the common things performed by these services is keyword inclusion on incoming links. In fact, links can be a bad sign, in that the search engine found a competing site and this could harm your rankings. Keyword inclusion has been used for several years by SEO services to promote their business. As a matter of fact, this practice was recently ruled as an unfair method of SEO in France. In the UK, keyword stuffing was ruled as an unfair method of SEO in 2002 and banned in 2004. In fact, this rule was cited by Google as reason behind the rule. In the same manner, these services make sure that their keyword is present on a high proportion of the links, however, with an additional check on content. As we have already observed, one of the common things performed by these services is keyword inclusion on anchor text. If the anchor text contains the keyword the service is satisfied. However, if there is too much of it, this is what the service makes sure. Also the anchor text has been used as an effective factor for finding the pages. There is nothing wrong with this but the search engines don’t see it that way.

The whole idea of searching is to deliver relevant results. However, if you are competing for a term that is too competitive you will most likely see a lack of relevant results. If you are using the same keywords as an anchor text the search engines will ban you from their search index. One of the ways to avoid this is to sprinkle a lot of anchor text links across a large site.