The images that you publish have to meet certain requirements to appear well on the search engines. We will start with the desktop images and progress to the mobile versions.

The desktop image has to be in a format that is recognized by Google and displays the image properly, a format that is known as “.jpg”. Images that are in other formats may display incorrectly or not at all, and they will not be optimized for search engines.

The file size of a “.jpg” image has to be under 35kb.

Desktop Images are the first image you publish on your website. If the image looks good but it is not optimized for search engines, the image won’t rank well with search engines, and therefore, won’t sell from clicks on your site. Make sure the image is an “.jpg” image.

Images that are in other formats may not be recognized by search engines and may not display properly. This means they won’t be optimized for search engines.

Mobile Images must be an “.jpg” or “.png”

Mobile images are those that are designed for the mobile platform, in particular, the iPhone, iPad, etc. They are smaller in size than desktop images and it is important to note that these images have to be optimized for mobile. If the image is a “.png”, it may not display properly on the mobile device, so make sure the image is a “.jpg”.

Mobile images are optimized for the mobile platform. That is, they have to be formatted in a way that is recognized by search engines. To optimize for search engines, the images need to be within the standards specified by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Image optimization is something you can do yourself by inserting keywords and adjusting the dimensions, colors and contrast. If the image isn’t optimized, it may not rank well with search engines and won’t sell clicks from clicks on your website.

Images that are not optimized for search engines may not appear in searches due to being too small or not appearing at all. This means that search engines won’t find your images and they will not get ranked well.

So, now you understand more about how to optimize images for your web site. To optimize an image you need an image editor like Adobe Photoshop and a graphics program like Illustrator. If you do not have these products, you can easily do this yourself using basic image editing software and a graphics program, which you can buy or download from the internet. If you need to add image to your web site, be sure to make the image a “.jpg” image. It is best to purchase your graphics program from the web site, rather than searching on the US store, so you will save money on shipping. Your graphics program and image editor will come with the software you receive from your software provider. In addition, you will need to add a short title tag for the image and your meta tag. The short title tag is optional, but many people like to add it. You can also add the short title tag to your image by using an image editor and adding your short title tag. But you should add the tag by using a graphics program if you like to add the tag to your image. This helps your search engine optimization because the search engine spiders will find the image and recognize it as images related to your search. In addition, you should try to add a text description for your image. Google first starts crawling your web site only when the text description appears for your image.

You should keep your web page design as simple as possible. It may be challenging to create a complex web page, but if you simplify your web page design, you can make the crawl faster. To keep your web page design simple, you can put your image in the upper left corner of your web page, list the navigation menu in a column in the middle of the web page, and give the web page a table of contents in the right column. Do not put too many images in a page. One or two images will be plenty. The reason is that Google crawls very quickly around the web site, and if your web page does not crawl, your page ranking will suffer. Google takes a look at the content of your web page, not the image count.

What you should do in the long term to improve your web site, is to create a web site to rank better in the search engines. In addition, you should create a meta description for your images. The description should contain all the keywords that you want your target audience to scanned.

The reason to create your own web site is to rank better in the search engines. If you need to create your own web site to improve your web page design, you should create a web site to improve your web page design.

By looking at the above mentioned points, you will understand the importance of your web page design.