Google Ad Grant Management Services

Are you tired of managing your Google Ad Grant by yourself? Have you been wanting to free up your time so you can focus on other areas of your organization?

If you’re nodding your head “yes”, then our Google Ad Grant Management Services are perfect for you.

Google Ad Grant Management Services

Get the most out of your Google Ad Grant

We can help you maximize your advertising budget and get the most exposure for your organization.

Google Ad Grant Management Services are flexible and customizable. You determine how much to spend, what types of ads to run, and when to run them. Google Ad Grants are perfect for a variety of advertising needs, and we can help you grow your revenue while meeting your budget objectives.

You control your Ad Grant allocation, so you can spend the money on what counts.

If you’re not aware of what makes Google Ad Grant Management important then, let us show you some of these number:

The average conversion rate seen by Google advertisements on the search network is 4.40%, which is a solid measure. This conversion rate is roughly 0.57% on the display network.

A Google ad was clicked on by 63% of people, according to HubSpot’s Annual State of Marketing Report.
It’s become such a quick and easy way to make a purchase at the drop of a hat. As mobile ad expenditure grows year after year, 33% is reported to go to Google

How Google Ad Grant Management Service works:

Increase the number of your ads shown, give you real-time insights about your performance, and make sure you’re only running ads that are relevant.

Control your quality score. Google Ad Grants gives you the power to test different ad formats, test different media placements, and fine-tune your campaigns.

Track your ads across all channels so you can see which direction they’re heading.

Manage your Ad Grants and automate your Ad Grants. You’ll save time, and increase your chances of getting ads that resonate.

Keep your costs down. By using our simple, easy-to-use tools, you can set up automatic Ad Grants within minutes. You’ll spend less on Ad Grants, and send more ads to more people.

If you don’t have the Google Ads Grant – we can set you up with a personalized package on Google Ad  to get the most out of your Google Ad Grant Management Services.

We will be in touch to walk you through the steps and answer questions. Contact us and take a free consultation – we’re excited to hear about your business!

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