Social Media

Having a presence on social media sites helps your business from many different angles. You can reach a larger base of readers with less effort and expense.

1. Twitter is a great way to give your followers updates on whats going on in your business and give your twitter followers a voice.

2. If you have a business website, you can set it up to automatically update your twitter followers on new information about your business.

3. A businesss Instagram account is another way to engage your followers. You can give followers advice and tips on business or anything you want. It is a great way to interact with customers and give them an opinion of your business.

4. Having a blog on one of the free blogging platforms like WordPress or Blogger is also a great way to communicate with followers and provide content that is relevant to your business and your followers.

Engage Followers

Engaging followers is a great way to reach out and interact with customers. This allows you to share your expertise and ideas with customers without having to ask permission and build your customer base. Your followers information is valuable information to you, and it helps you provide great service to your followers.

Small Business Is About Conversations

The small business owner MUST start conversations with people in their business. It helps you build a relationship with your customers, it helps you learn from your customers, and it helps you provide a great service to your customers. By engaging followers and giving them great content, you have the potential to build a very large customer base.

Business is in the Blood

We are all guilty of checking email every few minutes, filling out spreadsheets, dealing with the world and checking Facebook almost every waking moment. Small business is a way to escape from the problems and stress of day-to-day business and socializing with customers in your business is a great way to deal with the everyday stress and frustrations. Socializing is an important part of your business, so make it a habit. It builds relationships and trust, and it builds a customer base.

Your customer base will allow you to build a much larger customer base, and you can start building a much larger customer base by writing a great small business blog. Your customers are important to you, because they will recommend your business to others, and you will be viewed as an expert and someone who provides great service. And that will grow your customer base. Blogging about small business is the way to do it.

Get more posts in your blog

The number of posts you have affects your SEO and traffic ranking. Get more posts and build your customer base by engaging followers, and by giving them great content. The ideal number of posts is about 3-5 a week. Your audience will come back to you for more when they know you update regularly.

Start talking to your followers

Start talking to your followers by getting feedback on your blog posts. Tell your followers about the content they are reading, tell them about the problems you see they need resolved, share what you learned from your own experience and feedback from others. All of this can lead to a much larger customer base.

Give your business a voice

The biggest challenge to small business success, in my opinion, is that people are afraid to be different. They don’t want to advertise that they are a business owner. But, that is exactly what you need to be.

Your blog needs to be about your small business, and how small business solutions can help your customer solve their problems. Your customer base will grow much larger if you are not afraid to be different. Allowing your customers to feel comfortable with you, about you will get them to come back for more.

All of this should take no more than 30 minutes a day, and the best part is that all of it will pay off in huge way, because your blog, will be building a customer base over time, when they get to know you, they will become your customer base. And that means they will recommend your business to others. And you will be seen as an expert and someone who provides great service.

I recommend having at least three blogs, which you can use as samples of what you can do, to get you started. Once you have successfully done these three things, start building a loyal customer base by engaging followers, and giving them great content. The ideal number of posts to make per day is about four. But in my opinion, you should be updating you blog every single day. That will keep your business on the radar of the search engines, and your followers on your blog, who will recommend your business to others. When you have a large enough customer base, you can easily charge your customers for their information. That way you can have a steady stream of income.